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Enjoy life - Xinmuyuan Sunshine Room

Release date:2019-07-22 13:54:29
Light, air, and contact are the basic needs of human existence. A sun room can meet your requirements all year round. It creates a comfortable atmosphere that gives you more light. You can experience the special beauty of each season in a closed place without feeling cold and wet. Even in the cold weather and the rainy season, you can enjoy the comfort of spring and autumn, and you can feel the idyllic winter scenery, but you can't feel a trace of cold.

There is also the most suitable climate in summer.
      Contrary to popular belief, modern sunrooms do not require the use of additional heating equipment. Quite the contrary: the easy-to-get sunlight is converted into heat. This heat does not slip away from the glass facade. This creates a greenhouse effect that significantly reduces the overall heat demand from traditional heating systems. In order to avoid excessive temperatures in the summer greenhouse, the bright sun room offers a universal sunshade option: roller blind sunshade, external sunshade system, open sliding sun visor and awning, all of which are available in accordance with the sun room Make a fit cut. The automatic ventilation system ensures a comfortable temperature in the room when the outside temperature is high. There are also a number of attractive skylights to choose from.
Good protection In order to make you feel the same security in the sun room and all parts of the house, Bright is particularly committed to the development of products in this field. The special opening unit anti-theft profile for the sun room, suitable and effective hardware technology and safety glass allow your sun room to effectively defend against vandalism and thieves' intrusion.

More comfort, more living space As you know, the reasons for choosing a bright sun room are varied. On the one hand, you can experience happiness and comfort in the garden, on the other hand, you will invest in your property to increase its value. The best thing is: you can always find the right space for the bright sun room, such as the green space in front of the living room, a roofed terrace. Whether you choose a small-scale solution or a multi-storey sun room, the bright sun room gives you the highest level of comfort and spacious room to expand.

Beautiful roofs Even if you only need to have a shaded area outdoors, the brightest can provide you with the best solution - the light roof. In the past, there was a very common wooden pergola, and its dark awnings caused a gloomy atmosphere. In contrast, the bright roof made your flat top look brighter and more light-filled.


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